Wacom Intuos 5 Vs Cintiq 22HD Demonstration – Using Photoshop – Video

In this video demonstration Robert A. Marzullo does an artist’s perspective on using both the Intuos 5 and the Cintiq 22HD in Adobe Photoshop. You will see the real time use of these tablets as he digitally paints a quick nose profile. He talks about the differences in speed and ease of use.

These two tablet styles are always up for continuous debate. Which one is better and most artists always lean towards the more expensive unit, the Wacom Cintiq series. But people need to understand that many artists will actually go back to the Intuos tablets for things like the ergonomic feel and some artist have expressed that they can attain a better speed on the Intuos 5 or compatible models.

Another Pro that comes from the Intuos 5 is that you can still consider this somewhat portable. With a laptop of course. Albeit not as portable as something like an iPad Pro but it still can allow you to move around the house and even your local coffee shop without a ton of effort. Just be ready to spend time getting comfortable with looking at the screen while drawing on your table or lap. Some artists have even expressed that symmetry is easier to focus on because their hand in no longer in the way of their art.

We all create very differently and the main thing to remember with any device and any program that given enough time and energy we can produce amazing art with them. Just remember the art comes from the artist not the tool!

We hope you found this review on these products informative and helpful. More on the way very  soon and good luck with your decision!


Manga Studio 5 EX Vs Sketchbook Pro 7 – Review

Manga Studio 5 EX VS Sketchbook Pro 7 – Product Review

If you are looking to get into digital drawing and painting wether it be for comics, fantasy art, children’s books, or just plain fun. You need to look at a couple of various programs to get the job done.

In this video you will find a comparison of Manga Studio 5 EX ( Also known as Clip Studio Paint Pro ) and Sketchbook Pro 7 two of Robert A. Marzullo’s favorite go to programs. They both have their strengths and their weaknesses so it’s up to you as the artist to deicide what might work best with your style.

They both have amazing perspective tools. Sketchbook Pro has a nice interactive display cursor that moves around and you can already see where the perspective is going as you place it. But Manga Studio 5 EX allows you to create multiple perspective rulers and even save them into your groups as separate layers. So if you are into create advanced comic or storytelling pages with multiple shots, Manga Studio 5 would make more sense for you.

Sketchbook Pro has a more natural feel to the drawing process right out of the gate. It has a very responsive feel to the brushes and some really near french curve tools as well. The painting seems to be a lot more functional in Manga Studio 5 as the brushes seem to have a lot more controls to modify. But for an artist that simply wants to jump in and create without learning a whole lot about program controls. Sketchbook Pro might make more sense.

So in a nutshell…If you are into full book creations and advanced scenes then Manga Studio 5 is for you. If you are someone that just like to sketch and add some quick colors and you are not all that tech savvy then Sketchbook Pro might be better. They both amazing programs and we have seen fantastic art comes from both and a lot of artists actually prefer to use them both together.

We will also be conducting more review of various products for both digital and traditional artists. Here is a video comparing the programs Manga Studio 5 EX and Sketchbook Pro by Robert A. Marzullo.

Drawing Tablets that we currently recommend are Wacom Cintiq Tablets, the Intuos Pro Line, and the Apple iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. We will review other tablets over time but those are currently the ones that we use and recommend.